Home at last!

Everything is finally moved to our new space. Things are still a little hectic, so please bear with us as we organize, re-arrange, construct, remodel, and get this place looking great! Keeping your pets safe, happy, and having fun is our top priority throughout this transition. Thank you for your continued support. We love our fur babies, and their parents!

Moving Day

It’s official! We’re moving this month!

3017 Hunsinger Lane Louisville, KY 40220

We will start moving Wednesday (9/21). Grooming will be first, then daycare. Boarding will move last. This will be such a great move for us, and your babies! Please bear with us while we embark on this new endeavor. I can promise that when we move the boarding dogs, their safety is most important. I will personally transport them, and you will be notified prior to that move. We will also have an open house so everyone can see our new location! We would like everyone to join us in the celebration of our new place. Keep watching for details!

Almost home

Great News… We found our new home! All the details are agreed upon, the lease is being written, so everything should now move forward quickly. It is 3 miles from our current location. It is a great building with fantastic curb appeal. The yard is smaller and not like our current yard, but it is cleaner, and the dogs still have plenty of outside area to play! Also, we will have large inside play rooms for those days with nasty weather. No worries, we will still continue to have our free roam concept and a much larger space to grow! Keep watching for more details!!